Buy Life and Critical illness cover together and save money online

The internet has made a lot of changes to the way we do our shopping, and our research, and rather than looking something up in the phone book, calling a particular company or speaking to an expert, most people are inclined to just ‘Google it’.

Internet changes to insurance world

One of the areas that seen the biggest changes is the insurance world, and every consumer can now get access to pages and pages of expert advice and information on the various insurance products at the click of a mouse. Whilst previously they may have had to call an expert, visit a bank or ring the insurance company, they can now go to impartial websites like Life and read up on the many different types of life insurance, and critical illness insurance products on the market.

One of the biggest advantages of using online websites like Life Insure is the ability to save money. As well as being able to compare quotes for life insurance, and critical illness insurance separately from the biggest insurers in the UK, you can also look at quotes for both products at the same time.

Discounts for package purchase

Many lenders will offer customers a discount for buying both their life insurance, and critical illness insurance from the same provider, and many are happy to offer the two vital insurance covers as one combined package.

Life insurance will make sure your family are financially secure if the worst happens to you, whilst critical illness insurance will make sure you are financially secure if you fall seriously ill.

Both policies can make a major difference to the way you and your family exist in a crisis, and can be the difference between keeping the family home, or losing it because the family can no longer afford to pay the mortgage repayments.

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