Critical Illness Cover FAQs

Will my critical illness policy cover Breast Cancer?

Each policy will cover different illnesses. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer and you have listed it as one of your critical illnesses, then you will be covered.

Every assurance policy will contain specific definitions of each illness so you want to ensure that your condition matches the definition of the policy.

To avoid confusion, the Association of British Insurers has provided definitions of a range of core diseases, which are outlined in their ‘Statement of Best Practise’.

How do you decide on the term of your cover?

It will be different in each instance; for example, you may want to make sure your mortgage is paid if you suffer a critical illness.

In this instance you will want to make sure the term of your policy will match the term of your mortgage. If you want to make sure your loved ones will have enough money to maintain a certain standard of living if you become critically injured then you will have to ensure you have suitable coverage for that.

Will a policy pay out if I become permanently disabled?

Yes, this will usually pay a benefit if you become permanently disabled. There are, however, a number of different definitions of disablement such as being unable to continue working at your own occupation, being unable to undertake any form of work, being unable to continue working at your own occupation, or undertake any form of work that you have trained to do.

Am I able to buy a policy to cover my children?

Most companies have a minimum age of 16 to 18 for their critical illness policies. However, most critical illness policies taken out by parents will pay out if one of the children is to suffer a critical illness. This could help cover the costs of staying with them while they were ill, or if the hospital is miles away it can help to cover the cost of travel.

How does Critical Illness compare to Life Insurance?

Life insurance policies will only pay out a benefit if the policyholder dies. Critical illness cover will pay a benefit should the policyholder be diagnosed with any number of different serious illnesses or become permanently and totally disabled and unable to work so they both cover different things.

Will the cover work alongside Permanent Health Insurance?

Our critical illness assurance cover is mostly taken out by people, that want cover to pay a lump sum to repay their mortgage or to pay for medical treatment or to alter their homes should they become sick or disabled and unable to work. Income Protection is also available and pays a regular amount to replace your income should you be too ill to work.

How does Joint Cover work and what does it cover?

Joint Critical Illness Life assurance will pay a sum upon the first of either one of yourself or your partner dying, suffering a critical illness or becoming permanently disabled. It is just another critical illness cover option.

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