Is life insurance more expensive for gay people ?

Until October 2005 insurance companies were allowed to ask questions about sexuality on life insurance applications. Many gay people felt that this was treating them unfairly. It is however no longer acceptable to ask if an applicant is gay and this along with other personal questions have now been removed.

What you will be asked

When applying for gay life insurance you will now be asked if you have in the last five years been exposed to the risk of HIV infection. It is also common practice for insurers to ask questions regarding intravenous drug use and blood transfusions that may have occurred outside of the EU. These days you do not need to declare any negative HIV tests that you may have had, but if you have tested positive then this must be declared on the form.

Some application forms will ask you to make known any sexually transmitted infections that you have had. If they feel this will make any difference to your application then they may ask to contact your GP to ascertain any long term effects. Minor one off infections are likely to be ignored by insurers.

Under the new guidelines your occupation cannot be used to show HIV risk. You will however still be asked about your occupation since some jobs will effect your life insurance due to accident risks but this will not be used in anyway to establish HIV risk.

As with all types of life insurance you should easily be able to obtain quotes online. In regards to gay life insurance there are a number of specialist insurers who can provide you with a quote.

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