Are smokers charged more?
There are usually no extra charges for smokers

No health restrictions?
There are normally no medical checks with most over 50’s health plans and acceptance is often guaranteed and instant.

Is there a maximum age limit?
As long as you are over 50 and under 80 then you will usually be able to receive cover from most insurers.

How much does the policy cost and how does it pay out?
You control the cost of the premiums; it is your choice how much you want to pay.
To get your free quote the only information normally required is;

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • How much you want to pay

You insurance provider will make a cash lump sum payment on death.

How long am I covered?
Once you have taken out cover with a provider you will usually be covered up until the age of 90 or on death.

Who gets the money?
The money received can be passed onto beneficiaries or dependants and can be used to help pay for funeral costs etc. If you were to die within the first two years, the plan will only pay you a refund of the total premiums you have paid your provider over that period.  However, if death during the first two years is due to an accident, some insurers will pay the full cash lump sum.