Paying for a Funeral

Death is not a particularly pleasant subject and even more so is the thought of planning a funeral. Yet it is something that is inevitable and as such should be thought about and planned in advance. Sadly funerals can be very expensive and it is worth thinking about how you would afford to pay for one if you or a loved one should die. Will your family be able to survive? You may want to think about taking out a life insurance policy for such an event to provide some extra money so that you know you can afford the costs.

The costs involved

The costs for a funeral or burial service will vary greatly depending on where you live.
The costs of the coffin and the care of the body will also vary so it could be a wise move to contact a number of funeral directors and compare costs before you decide to settle on one.

It is common to find that you will be charged disbursement fees from the funeral directors and these are charges made for things such as the doctor’s certificates, the minister, any newspaper announcements that you may require, flowers and the crematorium.

Is there any help available?

Funding a funeral can be a very costly time but there is some help available should you experience trouble finding the money to pay for it. If either you or your partner receives either Income Support, Housing or council tax Benefits, Job Seeker’s Allowance or some form of credits then you may be able to obtain a Social Fund Funeral Payment. This is definitely worth investigating if you feel that you qualify.

In some cases it is not uncommon for there to be no one willing or able to pay for the cost of a funeral service. If this does happen then sometimes the local council may do this, but only if the funeral has not already been arranged. However it is likely that the council will then make a claim on the estate to recoup the costs of the funeral.

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