Save thousands when you compare life insurance online

The internet has made a huge difference to the lives of so many people, in so many different ways, and just one of the ways in which it’s changed people’s lives is by allowing them to save money on their shopping. With better technology has come the ability to compare prices, and by being able to compare prices customers are quickly able to find the best deal when shopping.

Whilst most people find that their savings equate to a few pounds, with the odd person saving hundreds of pounds on the most expensive electrical items, customers who buy life insurance from companies like Life Insure are able to save themselves thousands of pounds, by simply shopping online and comparing the prices of different policies when they buy their life insurance.


John buys life insurance from his bank. He’s quoted £20 a month for £150,000 worth of cover over a 25 year period. He’s banked with the same bank for years and years and has always stayed loyal to them, so he doesn’t bother shopping around assuming that he’s got the best deal from the bank. Over the 25 years of the policy John will spend £6000 on his life insurance cover.

His friend Steve on the other hand is offered the same policy by the bank but decides to go home and use the internet to make sure he finds the best deal for himself. He goes to Life Insure and spends just five minutes filling in his details before being presented with a range of different quotes from the leading insurance providers.

One of the quotes is for just £10 a month, for the exact same level of cover. Steve is able to click straight through to buy the cover from the cheapest provider, reading up on the benefits and features of the cover at the same time. Over the 25 years of the policy Steve will pay just £3000, making a saving of £3000 and paying half of what John will have.

The benefits of shopping around for your life insurance can be huge and with the comparison taking just a few minutes anyone would be mad not too.

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