Say I love you with a life insurance policy

Here at Life Insure it’s obvious that the recent good weather has activated the romantic side of all of us in the office, and we believe that one of the most important ways to say I Love You to someone is to take out a life insurance policy to look after them if the worst happens. It seems that we’re not the only ones.

A recent survey by insurance search giants revealed that a huge number of people would also see life insurance as a thoughtful gift, and some even called it romantic.

The survey was aimed at couples who were in a relationship and asked them questions about their life insurance policies, lack of them, and where they’d find their partners documents if their partner suddenly passed away.

The results were very interesting, with a massive 53% saying that their partner taking out life insurance to protect them would be a thoughtful gift. With life insurance offering them peace of mind if the worst happens, it’s important to be covered and life insurance is a great gift in that respect.

8% of those surveyed even said that they thought that their partner taking out life insurance to cover them would be romantic, a term we are not used to hearing here at Life Insure.

Around 10% of those asked thought that the cover was morbid, although 8% did admit it was about time they got covered as they knew that the policy was important. It also seems the nations couples need to do a little work on their educating other halves on the whereabouts of their vital financial documents just in case.

47% of men and 39% of women admitted that they had no idea where their partners key financial documents were kept indicating that they could struggle if their partner did suddenly pass away.

Life insurance is a brilliant present and we love using the term romantic. It offers peace of mind and makes sure that if the worst happens to you, financially at least your family will be well looked after.

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