Serious Illness Cover

What is it?

An innovative product which covers serious illnesses as well as advanced or life threatening ones covered by traditional Critical Illness Plans.

You have the option of taking out Comprehensive Cover which names upto 154 listed illnesses, conditions and procedures or Primary Cover which names 93 with some insurers.  This is in contrast with most other critical illness policies which list a mere 27 on average.

Unlike traditional Critical Illness policies it will pay out a tax free lump sump based on the severity of the illness or disability, rather than on diagnosis only.  This means that some payments may be less than traditional Critical Illness plans however it also allows you to receive payouts at an earlier stage of illness.  What’s more, should you suffer from more than one illness or disability or your condition gets worse, you may be able to make multiple claims and get more than one payout.

Why Choose Serious Illness Cover?
With significant advances in medicine in recent years, once life-threatening illnesses are now detected early on and can be treated and managed so that even those of us unfortunate enough to suffer from chronic conditions, can still lead long and fulfilling lives.

However, without the right financial support the stress of suffering a serious illness could be compounded by concerns over how to pay the mortgage, bills or even the treatment itself. Serious Illness Cover offers peace of mind, covering more conditions than traditional Critical Illness plans and allowing claims for less severe illnesses or disabilities as well as life threatening ones.

Whilst life insurance is generally aimed towards those who have dependents or mortgages, serious illness cover is relevant to anyone who has monthly outgoings.  With more than 15 million people in England alone suffering from long-term or chronic diseases and 1 in 3 Britons diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, serious illness cover has never been more relevant.

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